We are proud sponsors of the Hoboken Little League & Hoboken Youth Soccer.


Here are some pictures of the teams.


 Marty Anderson is the proud sponsor and team manager of the Hoboken city-wide Little League team “The Hammers”, as well as for many years in the Hoboken Youth Soccer program.





Professional resume:

Marty Anderson’s professional experience has had him prominently on the NYC / NJ artistic production scene since the early 1980’s. Marty worked for many years at the Macy*s Parade Studio as a staff carpenter, electrician, and welder/mechanical animator, and prior to that he was working at and with numerous other NYC theatre and display houses of note. He then went on to go out on his own in 1987, founding “Marty Anderson & Associates, Inc” out of a corner of his then-dining room, and building it up over the years from a small box of hand tools and a numeric pager to what it is today: a staff of top-drawer carpenters operating out of a free-standing facility at 4200 Grand Avenue in North Bergen, NJ.

Community involvement:

Hoboken Green Team: In addition to being a manager and sponsor of local Hoboken youth sports, starting in 2012, Marty was awarded a Hoboken Mayoral appointment as a founding member of the “Hoboken Green Team”, a municipal board aimed at promoting and developing environmental policy in the City of Hoboken.
Hoboken Historic Preservation Commission: Marty’s extensive restoration expertise has also led him to receive repeated Hoboken Mayoral appointments to the “Hoboken Historic Preservation Commission”, acting in the role of Commissioner for the City of Hoboken, guiding changes to Hoboken’s Historic Districts and protecting Hoboken’s rich architectural history.
Marty also serves as a certified Hoboken first responder with the Hoboken C.E.R.T. (Community Emergency Response Team).

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